TIM'S VERONESE STORY..... Back in April of 2009 Tim was in Italy on a buying trip and he found a gorgeous cold cast bronze line that looked Italian and was priced Italian and that fit with the Goldscheider line perfectly. The Italian company told him that they were the factory and Tim had no reason not to believe them and so he placed a large order for about 12 different pieces. Just before the shipment arrived in New Jersey, we found out that the Italian company was NOT the factory. And so finally after 2 weeks of looking on the internet to find the factory Tim found them, contacted them and made arrangements to visit them in China in October. We started buying directly from the real factory in October of 2009. By buying direct Goldscheider was paying about 1/3 of the original price and we passed this along to our customers. Now with the line costing 1/3 the original price, it became affordable to all of our customers. The line is the nicest line out of the 30+ factories from which Goldscheiders has ever bought and in the 7 years that we've been buying this line, it has grown from 12 to over 300 pieces. The factory has been extremely cooperative in the development of new items and this continues to this day. Before Tim's first visit to China and the factory in October of 2009, he like many of our customers was concerned about the work conditions of any of the factories from which Goldscheider might buy in China or the Far East. During this first visit Tim toured the Veronese factory and what he found was that it was very similar to many of the Italian factories that he'd visited for years. It was larger, just as clean and the workers all wore uniform shirts depending on which department they worked. Most of the workers live at the factory and work 5 1/2 days per week. Some even have their spouses and children living with them. They are free to come and go as they like and twice a year they leave for 7-10 days to visit family and friends in their home towns. Tim never had any intention to start buying from China. Italy was Goldscheider's "bread and butter" but with the euro and with continued price increases, sales of Italian items were plummeting. And to top that off, most of the Italian factories were/are so depressed that they are making almost nothing new. When God presented us this opportunity....to buy from one of the highest quality figurine makers in the world...and at affordable prices...well, we couldn't refuse. We know how blessed we are to be able to handle the Veronese line and if you give it a chance we think you might come to the same conclusion. As with all Far Eastern factories, we have to buy in quantity so we'd like to pass along some discounts if you decide to buy in quantity too..... QUANTITY DISCOUNTS ON "SR" SERIES... Order a total of any 5 pieces, mix & match any way you want & receive a 5% discount if paid within 30 days of invoice date. Order a total of any 10 pieces, mix & match any way you want & receive a 10% discount if paid within 30 days of the invoice date. Order a total of 20 pieces….10 of them must be different items, & receive a 20% discount if paid within 30 days of invoice date.


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SR-75439 Holy Family, Standing, Cold-Cast Bronze, 10inches

Price: $ 95.00

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